Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (M.I.C.E.)

Incentive Travel

Great performers deserves great incentive rewards. Travel is the top reward choice of incentive winners. A well-designed and run incentive travel program is the most effective way to reward great performers, and encourage others to reach that level.

Incentive travel is your best investment because:

  • Incentive travel is appreciated. The winner will remember the enjoyable holiday, and others will be inspired.
  • Incentive travel encourages the potential reward winner to perform their best.
  • Incentive travel can encourage loyalty and help recruit high-caliber staff.
  • Incentive travel strengthens business relationships.

King's Star Tour and Travel Service's experienced team can help you take care of every detail of your incentive program to make sure that it best meets your goals and requirements.

Group Incentive Travel

Group travel is the popular choice for many companies to deliver incentives. Group travel means the participants take part in the same itinerary. This helps the participants to improve team building and camaraderie. Group travel offers the advantages as follows:

  • Group travel programs can be very cost effective as many participants are sharing the expenses.
  • Group travel is good for emphasizing the company's message such as business goals, business plan, and the ways to improve working environments.
  • Group travel builds up good camaraderie among the participants.
  • Group travel helps exchanging ideas and experience.
  • Group travel can be easily turned into seminars, exhibitions and meetings with local business partners, hence helps to reinforce the company's brand.

Individual Incentive Travel

Individual Incentive programs allow the reward winners to choose their own reward based on the set allowances. There are a few advantages of individual travel as follows:

  • The reward winner has a more customized itinerary.
  • There is more freedom in choosing activities while travelling
  • The reward winner can be accompanied by his/her spouse.


The Guide to Great Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Exhibitions and Consumer Promotions:

In today's business world, you need to meet to grow your business. Helping you plan a great meeting is our business:

We can supply a host of details that help ensure the success of your event, including:

  • Hotel and vendor negotiations
  • Group air reservations and ticketing (including arrival/departure itineraries)
  • Ground transportation
  • Rooming lists
  • Coordination of production and audio visual
  • Food & beverage
  • Baggage service
  • VIP meet and greet
  • Local Tours
  • Spouse and Guest Programs
  • Managing the "unexpected"

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